Humility. Grace. Elegance. Self-Respect – these are just some of the qualities a Full Time Cool Guy should carry with pride and it should reflect from their actions.

After spending a day with a friend of mine who is a Full Time hustler and has a few big starts on their crown of success, one trait that stood clear despite their constant praise and compliments from “fans”, followers, pretenders and friends was humility.

Humility is not just being grounded and modest, it’s about having a strategy that works for you, using it to its optimum and keeping quiet about it while you do so. Many downfalls occur when the wrong people know your next move and are too involved in your strategic moves. Most of the time those very people do not contribute to your ideas but rather find loop holes to criticize and question your dreams rather than give you the resources to make them come true. They have the power to sabotage your plans- some may go as far as breaking deals and others by simply cursing your dreams with words. It’s not the quantity but the quality of the circle you keep that determines a great part of your success. You can’t teach an eagle how to fly when surrounded by turkeys. The element of surprise will always keep those who are against your ambition 10 steps back. Use it!

I’m very fortunate to be part of a team that cares about my personal growth as well as that of the team as a unit. A family that gives and receives with gratitude stays winning. Become a Full Time Cool Guy that belongs in a Full Time Cool Family.

Birds of a feather flock together, but do not be afraid of being an eagle and soaring on your own. Play hard, work even harder and leave a legacy. Trust your talents and abilities. Nurture your craft. Stay humble.


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