Going to name 10 things that I will never do in Jhb as much as I stay in this city. Here are my Top 10 no-no’s. Enjoy!

  1. Change my real friends for “fake friends” in high places, as it will elevate my status and guarantee me more opportunities. A BIG NO for me.
  2. Fake eyelashes/anything fake. Please bear with me, as I really believe people are more beautiful in their natural state. YOU are beautiful.
  3. Going on about material things. I honestly think it’s tacky to do this. There are many wealthy people who choose not to speak about their wealth.
  4. Dating people because it will boost one’s career. Never play with your heart. Love should never be material or status driven.♥
  5. Thinking that the people you left in your hometown are beneath you, because they don’t live in Jhb. You forget there’s still NYC, Milan, the UK etc.
  6. Forgetting home. Never forget the place and people who raised you & those who’ve always supported you.
  7. Jhb is a city with buildings, roads etc. Jhb did not change you, YOU did.
  8. Feeling the need to live a certain lifestyle. Do what you feel comfortable with. Do not succumb to any pressure from other people.
  9. There’s nothing wrong with not being apart of a cool clique – that should’ve been left in high school. Have friendships based on ones character.
  10. Lastly, Jozi, my Jozi. We’re not American, we are African. We have a lot going for ourselves; the world gets inspired by our diversity & cultures.