Being an entrepreneur is probably the loneliest journey one will experience, and equally – if not more – rewarding once your path is established and the reward becomes a bargain compared to the risk taken.

In an attempt to break this down, let’s begin with the why it’s a lonely journey. Friends, family and at times, investors don’t believe in ambitious ideas that have no track record of working out.

Your ambition will be misread as impatience, your vision will be understood as being “a phase” and you will be deemed to be naïve. It’s a rite of passage for every ambitious individual to be doubted and to some extend it’s only right to expect it. The toughest aspect will not be the actual doubt, but rather how to deal with it. In all honesty, nothing hurts more than being “slept on”; your potential to be doubted. That hurt can either push you forward or hold you back.

Starting out, as a budding entrepreneur, your life is only but a construction site. A construction site is not attractive and no one would ever dream to look twice at a construction site. It’s dirty, it’s raw, it’s not pretty. The only people that work on that site are the people that see what it could be and ultimately understand the vision. Once the plan has been set, the vision has been understood and the team is set up, the building is begun and the value of the land is exponentially increased.

The lesson, don’t expect everyone to understand what you’re trying to build when you’re starting out, in truth, the only people that will understand are those who wish to build with you or those who generally (or even faintly) understand the vision. Once the building is complete and the vision is achieved, it’s your job to let whoever you want into your new building – because trust me, those who doubted you will want a spot in it once you’re done.