Matthew Mensah is a force to take note of. A businessman, humanitarian and a philanthropist, Matthew Mensah is one of the founders of Mayfair Resources, and has been working with the UN and different governments across Africa on humanitarian campaigns including peace campaigns in Liberia and Sierra Leone for the past 9 years. He is also the creator of the international award winning Catwalk the World – Fashion For Food Campaign and now is behind the first full collective continental orphanage campaign. He has lived in London, Ghana, Nigeria, and currently resides in Johannesburg.

It was worth mentioning that he is also a man of impeccable style, he believes in looking good and living better – he sure has the cheat code to a good-ass life.

Matthew is without a doubt a Full Time Cool Guy – a person that works hard, plays hard.


What keeps you motivated and inspired every day?

The goals I set for myself keep me motivated and inspired, together with the humanitarian projects that I work on.

What is your main ingredient for success?

To be focused and willing to learn from others.

How do you ensure personal brand growth?

By being true to yourself and always taking pride in your appearance.

What makes you a Full Time Cool Guy?

I don’t know, it’s for other people to decide.