In economics there is a school on consumer theory that attempts to predicts the satisfaction people derive from the consumption of whatever good and their preferences. It hinges on 3 principles: 1. Transitivity (people are consistent in their choices– I like gin and tonic today as much as I did yesterday)

2. Completeness (people act rationally when making choices– I cant like gin and tonic exactly as much as popcorn), and 3. More is Better!

When they say Taste of Durban, they mean just that, a taste. The portion of meals served was surprisingly small, considering the exchange rate of a rand to a scoin (the taste of Durban’s “currency” ), relative to the prices of meals, or “tastes”. To my delight, The Greedy Buddha, seemed to be serving a charming portion of Ribs. I got myself some….I felt little fairies moonwalking…in my tummy, yes like that dreadful Eugene. The portion was really generous, more was certainly better.

So I decided to pay them a visit. The restaurant is situated on a balcony adjacent Adelaide Thambo street in Durban North. The manager (Cosmos) saw us to our table and promptly took our orders, very pleasant chap that Cosmos. I ordered a pork belly served on a bed of red cabbage and apple source. If you do visit them give it a try, I guarantee you wont be disappointed. My partner ordered the Ribs, sprinkled with sesame seeds (I guess more is still better). We got a side of egg noodles– the best I’ve ever tasted. We washed it all down with a Sauvignon blanc for me and a cola tonic and lemonade for my partner (how exciting). The service was absolutely great and food was outstanding. I would advise one visit on a warm sunny day (there is no indoor area, it gets a bit chilly and noisy courtesy of Adelaide Thambo drive). Perfect for a lunch alone, with friends, heck more is better after all.

Review By:

S Ntsevu



12 on Palm Boulevard