The café culture scene in Durban has seen an expansion that has prompted coffee lovers and all alike to come out in their masses to experience what local cafés truly have to offer. For Jacksonville Coffee, it proved that expansion is the order of the day.

Jacksonville, coffee aside, is an awe-inspiring business case study – having been one of the very few local coffee shops that have witnessed strong growth and building a solid customer base, having three coffee shops currently standing and fully operational in Durban. The first located at the building that changed Durban’s skyline, Moses Mabhida Stadium, the second in Umhlanga and the third, and newly opened, on Florida Road. With this rapid success, it begs the question, what is their secret?

To answer, we need to note that each coffee shop is different, besides the difference in the beans that are brewed, each is different because it offers a unique experience. And the same principle applies to each Jacksonville coffee shop, especially in regard to the experience offered by the Jacksonville on Florida Road.

The shop is set inside of the Hertex Fabrics store, as soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the aroma of coffee and the allure of the venue the shop is set up in, is the balcony which peers towards Florida Road, where one can spend afternoons watching  the world pass by.

Generally, baristas, unlike bartenders, aren’t talkative nor are they interested in making conversation with customers, they’re purely about their craft. Khehla, the man behind the counter on Jacksonville Florida Road, is unlike other baristas: He enjoys conversation while he prepares your order. One of our most memorable conversations we’ve had, is the story he told me of the man who he laughed off when he had wanted to buy the Jacksonville name, he tells me that he pointed him over to the placard on the counter which details the story of the Jacksonville name, and how much sentimental value the name holds to the owner, “It’s never going to happen”, he told the man. We’ve had many other conversations, and with each visit, it was easy to conclude that this particular gentleman loves his job and from that love, he gives impeccable service.

The most amazing thing that draws caffeine-chasers to their favourite coffee shops, regardless of where the bean brewed originates from, is the service.  Great service pairs well with great coffee, which tempts you to come back after the first visit and every other visit thereafter. And that’s the selling point of Jacksonville Florida Road. That’s their secret.

Jacksonville coffee (Hertex Florida Road) address

327 Florida Rd, Durban, 4001