The Full Time Cool Guys has developed a list of cool that must be ticked off before you hit 35 that will aid you in having a story to tell one day, all in the name of personal development and being pretty awesome. Live your best life.


1. Travel to London, New York or Paris.

Experience the beauty of these cities from all the romance novels that have been written about them and all the silver screen productions that have been produced. There is a magic that exists in these capitals and you need to be a part of it. NO TOUR BUSES.

2. Master cooking a three course gourmet meal.
It’s important to know how to be a master in the kitchen. “Chef” your way through this one and know how to successfully cook a three course gourmet meal perfectly without the aid of a cook book – after a while.

3. Throw a garden party, with lots of champagne, for no reason.
Prepare every detail of the event from the venue to the choice of alcohol, to the dress code to be adhered to, to preparing the meal to be served, to the choice of décor, to selecting the right music. Make it your baby.

4. Display one grand romantic gesture for your significant other.
In a time and space where it said that chivalry is dead and romance is a lie; one grand romantic gesture would set you worlds apart from the rest. Don’t know what to do? Ask yourself, what would George Clooney do?
5. Create and establish a reputation.
“People perceive other people in a certain ways and with that there is a certain power in perception” Whether you choose to be known as the gentleman, the asshole or the badass – that is up to you, as long as you have a reputation to your name. Use the power of perception to your liking.

6. Have an evening outfit tailor made.
Evening outfits for special events add to the beauty of that evening, and are enough to make you royalty. These outfits need to be tailor made. Pick out a good designer, pick the material with the designer and narrow everything down accordingly.

7. Write one chapter about your life.
Document a reflective piece on all that you’ve achieved in a single chapter, want to achieve and all that you’ve been through. If you so wish, make it a book. No one will ever have to read it. It needs to be honest and brutal.

8. Vacation alone.
Travel to another city alone and without telling anyone about your whereabouts. This is an opportunity for true self-reflection and development.

9. Stay up the whole night working on something you’re truly passionate about.
Spend all night working on something you enjoy, something you’re passionate about and something that makes you happy. It’s not about the money.

10. Bid at an antique art auction.
And win.

11. Custom-design a piece of jewellery.
Design any piece of jewellery that you can one day pass down in the family. Bring it to a jeweller to consult with and start the design process with them.

12. Write a story for your children on the toughest situation you’ve ever been in and how you overcame it.
We all have a story, and each story is worth telling. Tell that story to your children. If it’s good enough, publish it. Build a legacy.

13. Learn how to dance one Latin-American dance.
The salsa, the cha-cha or the tango. Learn how to dance, and dazzle everyone with how well you can move.

14. Start a small charity/foundation that you work on.
All in the spirit of selflessness and community development, start a charity or a foundation in an area that you can give yourself to. Live, learn and give back.

15. Watch a renowned stage production.
“Phantom of the Opera” or even “The Lion King”, book an evening and enjoy the show. And, also, dress the part.

S. Ngobese